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About Our Vineyard

Our vineyard consist of three acres of French-Hybrid grapes.  We have two red varieties; Frontenac and Chambourcin, and two white varieties; Traminette and Vidal Blanc.  We chose these French-Hyrbid grape because of their heartiness during cold winters.  All of our grape wines come from the grapes that are grown on our estate.  Each year the grapes are picked by hand and are then used to create the wines you can purchase in the tasting room.

Five Vines Logo.PNG

Why Five Vines?

We get asked the same question repeatedly, why Five Vines?  

I'll give you a brief why, but feel free to ask one of the owners for the full story.

The answer starts several years ago when our eldest daughter brought home five grape vines.  We planted those five vines, and soon after things grew from there.  The tasting room is located in a former horse barn, where our daughters housed their horses while in 4-H. We wanted to keep the horse theme going, so that is where the horse jumping the barrel comes in.   The logo also ties in to the Five Vines theme, see if you can figure it out!

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