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Our Wines

A Wine for Every Occasion


Vidal Blanc

A dry white wine with floral and citrus aromas that give way to refreshing flavors of pear, pineapple, and grapefruit.  The lightness of this wine makes it enjoyable anytime!


A dry white wine with crisp aromatic floral aromas that burst out of every glass.  Smooth tropical flavors are inviting and relaxing.


Lucky Number 7

A semi sweet white wine with subtle hints of grapefruit, pineapple, and pear. Light bodied and smooth, it's a safe bet any day of the week.  With a glass of Lucky Number 7 you'll always have a winning hand.


A semi sweet white wine with floral aromas and flavors of apricot and honey bursting out of each glass.  Every pour unleashes nature's finest libation.  Just like the untamed spirit of wild horses, this wine cannot be contained.



A fruity yet dry, medium bodied red wine.  Rich dark cherry and berry flavors with a subtle smooth mouthfeel that is pleasing.


A dry red wine.  This luscious deep garnet wine is overflowing with flavors of blackberry and cherry.  Medium bodied and appealing to most palates making this wine a favorite sipper for all.


Winner's Circle

Stunningly smooth, semi sweet red wine with vibrant flavors of black cherry.  You'll be the one winning the roses after one sip of this crowd favorite.


A medium bodied, semi sweet red wine that resists conformity.  Bold enough for an outlaw, but refined enough for a rodeo queen.  Defiantly bold, daringly elegant with an adventurous twist.


Triple Threat

Three of our grape varieties pull together to create this masterfully blended, refreshingly fruit forward semi sweet wine.  Smooth and appealing, it's a real crowd pleaser.


This fruity wine is just like eating sun ripened blackberries right off the vine.  Sweet and luscious, this is a favorite for all wine lovers.



 A surprising wine with a sweet start and spicy, hot finish.  The first sip will light up your taste buds, followed by the taste of fresh jalapenos.  The balanced light taste makes this a great sipping wine.  It is also great mixed with your favorite sangria or bloody mary.

New and Seasonal Wines

Check with the winery about any new products coming out and our seasonal wine selection.

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